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Radio Listenership Holds Strong at 83%

The latest JNLR/Ipsos MRBI report into radio listening shows that 83% of the adult population listen to a radio station on a daily basis.

Once again the figures highlight the strength of local and regional radio around the country. While national radio holds the majority share position in Dublin (58.3%), the Dublin Commuter belt (58.1%) and the Multi-city area (50.8%), local/regional radio is in the majority in the other regions throughout the country. In the North West region its market share is 62.5% while in Cork it stands at 61.5% and 57.1% in the South West.

The figures also show that amongst the younger 15-34 year old audience across the country, local/regional radio is in the majority share position in all regions with a national share of 65.6% compared to 34.4% for national radio.  In particular, the local/regional group holds its strongest share position among this age segment in Dublin (74.1%), the Dublin Commuter region (72.2%), North West (66.8%) and the Multi-city region (69.0%).

The strength of local radio continues to be a strong performer in the individual radio markets across the country – in many areas reaching more than 40% of the local adult population daily.  In Kerry, Mayo and Donegal Nth, at least half of the adult population tune in on a daily basis.

According to an analysis of the latest figures by media agency Carat, it was a mixed bag of figures for the national stations. “Newstalk will be delighted by their performance growing by 47,000 listeners daily. While Pat Kenny has been the big news, they have also seen growth across the majority of shows. RTÉ Radio 1 continues to hold the greatest share of listeners nationally but it has shed 18,000 listeners. 2FM stopped the rot somewhat but still lost 3,000 listeners in this period,” says Carat.

According to the media agency, “the regional listenership rollercoaster continues with some winners and some losers but local radio continues to be a force.  Cork 96 continued to increase market share from 32.2% to a very impressive 35.2% share. C103 picked up 3,000 listeners and increased market share while Red FM lost 9,000 listeners and its market share declined from 9.6% to 8.5%. Limerick 95 and WLRFM stayed relatively flat but Galway saw a decline of 22,000 daily listeners and share dropping from 28.7% to 26.3%.”

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