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Radio Listenership Continues to Remain Strong According to Latest JNLR Report

Radio listenership in Ireland remains strong with the latest JNLR Ipsos B&A report showing that 91% of Irish adults and 87% of those aged between 15-34 listen to radio every week.

The latest JNLR Ipsos B&A report – which covers January 2023-December 2023- also shows that daily listenership figures closed the year at 3.4m people, growing by 193,000 on the comparable figure for Jan-Dec 2022.

Listenership for 15–34-year-olds also increased over the same period with 71% of this age group listening every weekday, an increase of 59,000 listeners over the comparable figures for 2022.

Once again, the report shows that listening levels to local and regional radio continues to be very strong with 2.2m adults listening to their local or regional station every single weekday.

Ciaran Cunningham, CEO, Radiocentre Ireland

“I am delighted to see that radio continues to grow audience in Ireland and with 91% of adults tuning into radio every week, it is clear that radio listening is booming in Ireland and today’s figures are a great reminder that Irish radio is a central part of people’s lives,” says Ciaran Cunningham, CEO, Radiocentre Ireland.

“Live radio continues to deliver brilliant content that is consumed by millions of listeners every day. A record high in daily listeners is a testament to the quality of radio in Ireland and to the hard work and investment from radio stations up and down the country,” he says.

The latest JNLR Ipsos B&A report comes soon after the recently published Irish Audio Report as the 2024 commercial revenue report, both of which were published by Radiocentre Ireland.
The Irish Audio Report, which looks at total audio listening, shows that live radio dominates with a 74% share of total listening. Music streaming has a 12% share of listening while YouTube Music and Podcasts have a 7% and 3% share respectively.

The report also noted that 5.9% of all adult listening is now through a smart speaker while listening via a mobile device accounts for 3.3%. This increases to 6.5% of all listening through a smart speaker and 8.4% through a mobile device for the younger 15 to 34 age cohort.

The Radiocentre Ireland commercial revenue report, meanwhile, showed that that the Irish radio sector enjoyed a successful 2023 with total revenue of €164m, up 4% on 2024.

The €164m was made up of €127.2 million of spot revenue (radio commercials) which was up 1% for the period. Revenues from branded, however, including sponsorships, partnerships and other content solutions, were up 9% to €29.5m while revenues generated by digital audio continued to surge, rising by 33% to reach €7.2m for the year.

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