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Oatly Milks Recent ASAI Ad Ban with New Website

Following the recent decision by the ASAI to ban a campaign by the milk alternative brand Oatly, the company has hit back at the ruling by launching a new website called Feck-Oatly.com.

According to a recent ASAI ruling, the Oatly campaign ‘It’s Like Milk But Made for Humans’, can no longer be used in Ireland following a  complaint made by the National Dairy Council Ireland. The high profile campaign ran across a number of channels in early 2023.

The campaign was banned because of the inference that cow’s milk is not suitable for human consumption. The National Dairy Council of Ireland raised three complaints about the campaign with only one being upheld by the ASAI.

In response, the company launched Feck-Oatly.com, “a site showcasing decisions made by the company that have caused the most controversy.” The company also says that the ad ban in Ireland is now top of the list, as well as other moments in the company’s history like its decision to sell oat residue to pig farms.

“We want to be open and transparent about the journey we’re on to create a more sustainable food system. We’re not a perfect company and we know not everyone is going to agree with every decision we’ve made – but we see that as an inevitable consequence of challenging the status quo. So, to save everyone some time – including the National Dairy Council of Ireland – we’ve laid out the most controversial things we’ve done as a company in one place,” says Bryan Carroll, general manager of Oatly UK & Ireland.

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