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Alternatives/MII Salary Survey Reveal Top CMO Salary Can Reach €180,000 a Year

Pictured: Shane McGonigle, CEO of MII

The latest Salary Survey carried out by recruitment company Alternatives in association with the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII) estimates that the annual salary of a chief marketing officer (CMO) in Ireland can range between €120,000 and €180,000 with a contracted daily rate of €1,000.

Details of the Salary Survey were presented at an MII event this week which was sponsored by Mediahuis Ireland.

The Salary Survey also shows that the salary for a marketing director can range from €100,000 at the lower level to €170,000 at the higher level. The head of marketing function, meanwhile, can attract a similar salary level.

Senior marketing managers, meanwhile, can expect a salary between €80,000 and €110,000 while for marketing managers it ranges between €60,000 and €90,000, according to the Alternatives survey.

On the agency/client services side, head of agency/client services can expect a salary of between €100,000 and €140,000. A group account director, meanwhile, can expect to earn between €80,000 and €110,000. For senior account directors, the salary is between €70,000 and €100,000 while an account director can expect between €55,000 and €75,000.

In the PR and communications industry, the salary for a head of/director of communications can start at around €100,000 and rise to €140,000. A communications manager, meanwhile, can expect to earn between €70,000 and €100,000 while the salary for an internal communications manager can vary from €65,000 and €85,000.

The comprehensive survey also offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolving landscape of marketing careers, shedding light on key trends, preferences, and concerns of professionals in the field.

With many workplaces still embracing a hybrid working model, the survey shows that this is a model favoured by 78% of respondents.

Surprisingly, the report unveils a nuanced perspective from those early in their careers, with a keen desire to be physically present in the office. These finding challenges conventional wisdom, suggesting that the office remains a crucial hub for mentorship, networking, and skill development among emerging marketing talents.

The report also explores the motivations driving marketing professionals to explore new career opportunities. Work-life balance emerges as a top priority, with the majority of respondents seeking roles that better align with their personal lives. Flexible working arrangements, a hunger for fresh challenges, and a quest for roles imbued with purpose were identified as other prominent factors propelling individuals toward new roles.

When it came to the deployment of technology,  21% of those surveyed express concerns about AI impacting or replacing their roles. On the flip side, a substantial 59% of respondents counter this apprehension, confidently asserting that AI will not replace but rather augment their roles, adding immense value to productivity.

Speaking about the importance of marketing as a career and a function within companies, Shane McGonigle, CEO of MII says that “uniquely, marketing offers the individual a broad range of career choices, from research and insights to innovation, creativity and of course digital. The sectoral services are in high demand and the remuneration packages are substantive for the individuals who are strategic, innovative and commercially-minded.”

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