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Zenith Publishes Useful Dates Calendar for 2024

Paul Moran, managing director, Zenith

Media agency Zenith, part of Core, has published its 2024 edition of Useful Dates calendar which has become an important tool when it comes to forward planning in the marketing, media and advertising world.

With over 200 events each year, the Useful Dates was first published back in 2016.

“Zenith is delighted to share our 2024 Useful Dates with all colleagues and friends across the marketing and advertising community.  In Zenith, we have always found it to be a very helpful guide to ensure our planners are cognisant of key events and associated opportunities when planning clients’ media campaigns. Hopefully recipients will find it useful in planning their professional and also, their social calendar across the year,” says Paul Moran, managing director, Zenith.

To download a copy of 2024 Useful Dates click HERE

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