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Future Proof Launches Neuro Ad Testing Offering

The Dublin-based Future Proof Insights has launched a new monthly neuroscience testing service called PRIZM.

Targeted at brands and agencies looking to evaluate their advertising creative through neuroscience, the new offering combines methodologies from neuroscience such as EEG (brain scanning) and Eye Tracking to provide objective measurements about the campaigns.  According to the company, the service will operate in a similar fashion to a monthly “omnibus” and aims to provide brands and agencies with a flexible, scalable and cost-effective way to build neuroscience into their own measurement approaches.

“We’re really excited to bring PRIZM to the market, by providing a scalable way for brands and agencies to use neuroscience, we believe we can help make Ireland a global hub for advertising effectiveness. Importantly, this isn’t an AI or algorithm-based tool that telling experienced creatives how to do their job, the service is here to help facilitate original ideas and objectively quantify creativity based on the impact it has on real people,” says Sean Higgins, managing director of Future Proof Insights, which is part of Future Proof Media.

He says the new offering quantifies five extensively validated models of cognitive activity including engagement, emotion, motivation, memorisation and impact that produce in-line with predictive models for purchase intent, memorability and preference.

“Advertising works because it works at a subconscious level, so to truly understand it’s effect on emotions, associations and memory structures, you have to use objective measures like neuroscience, otherwise you’re looking in the wrong place. Crucially for us this isn’t a big-data or algorithm telling people,” Higgins adds.

He also says the service, supports the testing of static, audio and video assets while also facilitating concepts, work-in-progress right through to finished assets. “Performance metrics are extensively benchmarked against hundreds of ads that have been evaluated over the past three years,” he says.

According to Higgins,  each test will produce a detailed evaluation through the lens of brain activity and visual attention compared against their database, along with strategic advice based on the principles of neuroscience to improve effectiveness.

“The service has been tailored in response to multiple client discussions we’ve had over the past number of years. Our clients want a scalable way to test their creatives, without incurring the costs of large scale studies while also being able to test all throughout the creative process from concept through to finished article” says Higgins.

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