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Out \ Look: Guinness Storehouse’s Dynamic Summer

Brands like Guinness Storehouse are going all out for this summer with Dynamic OOH content, powered by Liveposter.

Aaron Poole, marketing executive, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home.

Guinness Storehouse’s Dynamic Summer

Crafting contextually relevant, location-specific designs is at the heart of PML Group’s DOOH offering. Through Liveposter, Guinness Storehouse is optimising its summer 2023 campaign by delivering contextually relevant content across multiple formats using location and data and weather triggers.

Displaying across digital 6’s within a 30-minute walking radius of the venue, the creative prompts potential visitors with details as to how long of a stroll they are from the Storehouse. Meanwhile, in a cheeky nod to Ireland’s unpredictable weather, the phrase “precipitation is high, our views are higher” appears whenever rain threatens to dampen summer spirits.

Brought to life by PHD and Source out of home, this refreshing, summer-themed campaign follows a successful winter stint in December 2022, once again illustrating Guinness’s innovative use of creative and engaging Out of Home.

Electric Ireland’s GAA campaign Celebrates Minor Moments

Electric Ireland has launched the 2023 Electric Ireland GAA All-Ireland Minor Championship.

The OOH campaign, created by Droga5 and planned by Carat and PML Group, is running nationally on 48 Sheets and Adbox and Adshel 6 Sheets and includes panels in proximity to schools.

Sarah Sharkey, Group Sponsorship & PR Manager Electric Ireland, commented: “Electric Ireland are delighted to partner with the GAA and the Camogie Association in support of their Minor Championships. We understand the major role that participation in Gaelic Games plays in shaping young peoples’ futures on and off the field of play, the experience it provides and the relationships it builds that endure long after their involvement in the Minor Championships ends.”

Tourism Sector Witnesses Resurgence

Fáilte Ireland’s Tourism Barometer for May 2023 paints a vibrant picture of the Irish tourism sector. A surge in both domestic and international visitors has sparked optimism, with over half of businesses reporting increased visitor numbers compared to 2022.

The return of overseas tourists, particularly from the US and mainland Europe, brings an added international flair to the Irish streets, with 56% of businesses noting an increase in North American visitors.

Dublin, a major cultural hub, leads the charge, with 71% of businesses reporting increased footfall. The rise in visitor numbers in the city underscores Dublin’s enduring allure as a primary destination for both local and international tourists. Kantar’s ROI TGI 2023 R1 data indicated an increase in OOH exposure supporting this trend, revealing that people are spending more time outdoors vs the previous 6 months.

Attractions and hotels, in particular, are witnessing a notable increase in domestic visitors. Visitor numbers at attractions are up 55% from last year, while hotels have seen a 48% rise. This surge suggests an uplift in local tourism, indicating a resurgence in the exploration of Ireland’s rich heritage and scenic beauty by the Irish populace.

Over half of businesses expect more visitors in the remainder of 2023 compared to 2022, demonstrating forward-looking optimism. Furthermore, businesses are investing in themselves, with 41% citing ‘investment in the business’ and 40% citing ‘own marketing’ as reasons to be positive.

Our recent iQ research conducted by Ipsos also signals that mobility among the Irish populace is on the rise. Public transport, especially in Dublin, is being utilised for a wide range of activities, from leisure shopping to commuting to work or education. This mobility trend further enriches the tourism landscape by ensuring constant vibrancy and energy in Ireland’s urban centres.

Tackling Botox Awareness with Billboards

OOH advertising continues to affirm its effectiveness in capturing public attention and driving social conversation, as recently illustrated by Dove’s “Injectable Billboard.”

The Unilever-owned personal care brand has utilised a billboard in a Toronto mall, constructed entirely from medical-grade syringes, to symbolise the startling statistic that over 50,000 cosmetic, injectable procedures were performed on teens last year.

The campaign aligns with insights from our ‘Go Big and Go Out of Home’ research, which underscores the effectiveness of large-format OOH advertising in terms of 24-hour exposure, scale, and capacity to build brand trust and fame.

Similar to how the recent Mother’s Day campaign via digital billboards across the Toronto skyline resonated with audiences, Dove’s campaign has also effectively leveraged the large-format medium. It not only captures public attention, but also sparks vital conversations about the harmful beauty standards facing today’s youth.

Dove’s campaign illustrates the conversation-sparking potential of OOH advertising: it grabs attention, evokes a communal sense of concern, and inspires action around a critical social issue. It’s a clear demonstration that billboards are not merely marketing tools but potent platforms for social advocacy and transformation.

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