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IAPI Urges Effie Entrants to Make Last Minute Checks to Entries

The closing date for entries to the Effie Ireland Awards is less than a week away on Friday, June 2nd and according to IAPI there will be no extensions to this deadline.

All entries must be submitted, paid and compliance checked in advance of first-round judging which has been scheduled for early July, according to IAPI.

According to programme director, Katherine Ryan: “Entries go through a series of vetting before moving forward for judging. In the weeks following the entry deadline a member of the IAPI team may be in touch with you about your entry.

“Some entries come in with issues that need correcting. These issues include, among others, violating reasons for disqualification, violating a formatting requirement, not providing complete information, etc. Compliance is designed to help entrants put their best foot forward with their entries by ensuring that each entry does not violate any of the Effie rules outlined, “ she says.

According to Ryan, common compliance issues which entrants should be mindful of include the following:

Eligibility Period:  The case does not align with Effie Awards Ireland eligibility period.

Agency Names:  Effie is an agency-blind competition.  No agency names/logos should be included anywhere in your written entry and/or reel

Images in the Written Case:  Screenshots or images of creative work cannot be included within responses for Sections 1 – 4.  However, Charts & Graphs are acceptable (and encouraged).

No Sources:  All data requires a source – this is particularly important in the Results section.

Formatting Issues to Review for:  Exceeding the maximum number of charts/graphs – entrants must stay within the limits.  Encouraging judges to review external websites – this is not allowed.

Creative Examples tab: check to make sure that the Creative Reel and Images of Creative Work are uploaded properly and can be viewed or played. Check that file names do not list Agency names. Check that Images of Creative Work only show creative work and do not show additional charts or graphs from Scoring Sections 1-4.

Creative Reel:  No hard-number results should be included in the reel. No agency names/logos or competitor creative work should be included.  The reel should fall within the maximum time limit.

Permissions, Authorization & Verification: Check to make sure that the Authorization & Verification form is for the right entry you are reviewing, and is properly signed (either electronically/digitally or physically).

We encourage you to check your entry in advance of the deadline to make the process as seamless as possible. However, if an entry requires amendment for one of the above reasons, we will message entrants with an outline of the elements that need correcting; and reopen their entry allowing them to fix the flagged issue. Once the entrant has confirmed the issue is resolved, the team can re-check the entry, approve the corrections and move it forward for judging. Wishing you all the very best of luck,” says Katherine.,

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