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Lucozade and Mindshare Tap into ChatGPT for New Social Campaign

With the advertising and marketing industries currently exploring new ways of working with artificial intelligence, Lucozade Energy is the latest brand to roll out a campaign that has dipped into OpenAI’s ChatGPT for inspiration.

Working in partnership with Mindshare and in its in-house Invention unit, the new work forms part of Lucozade’s 2023 ‘You Can’t Beat The Original’ campaign which uses a series of videos created by GroupM Invention that celebrate stories originality.

The work showcases original moments in an unique way – by handing over the story writing process to to AI. The stories were then handed over to 3D animation studio oneMILE which brought them to life visually using a combination of styles including 3D kinetic typography. The series of ‘Lucozade Original Stories’ were then activated through Lucozade’s TikTok channel.

According to Philip Keenan, marketing manager, Lucozade Energy at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I: “We were looking for a new way to drive the message of ‘Originality’ across our social media channels and this seemed like a great opportunity to explore how AI technology could bring this to life. Integrating ChatGPT into the creative process has allowed us to speak to our consumer base in a really interesting new way.”

“With significant evolution of Ai technology in the last couple of months, we wanted to find a compelling way to shine a light on this new tech whilst ensuring we creatively control and deliver an ‘Original’ creative into this year’s Lucozade Campaign. I’m very excited to see how AI technology will continue to shape the future of advertising and transform the way we connect with consumers on social media,” adds Amar Jacob, social & content development director, GroupM Invention.

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