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RED C Launches Online Ad Testing Platform for Brands and Agencies

Pictured: Bryan Cox, RED C

RED C Direct has launched a new online platform for brands and agencies to test their advertising creative.

The new platform is underpinned by RED C survey design and sampling and allows companies to run their own expertly designed advertising research tests, verified by RED C quality implementation and norms, cost effectively and quickly with a 24-hour turnaround service.

The new platform examines and evaluates advertising creative based on a number of key metrics including creativity, distinctiveness, fame and emotional response. It also provides a measure of claimed Brand Impact of the ads both on the long-term emotional impact, and shorter-term rational engagement with the brand.

In addition, the platform allows companies to run tests for animatics and complete ads, while also giving them the option to measure the extent people have seen or heard the ad before the test, if the ad is already launched, to better understand how well it is cutting through. All scores are benchmarked against thousands of ads that have been tested over the past 10 years.

According to RED C, each test also provides a full evaluation of the creative, with results compared against RED C’s extensive norm database, including diagnostic advice on how to improve the scores.  Results are provided in an online dashboard and are also available to download in pdf format from the test results area of the site.

“The platform has been developed and fine-tuned over the past year to make it simple for anyone to run a professionally designed advertising test at speed, confident in the knowledge that RED C quality panel, sampling and question design underpin any results. The reporting interface provides clear direction and an easy to download report, ” says Bryan Cox, director of RED C Research.

“Our clients have been looking at more agile and cost-effective ways to test their communications, and we are delighted to be able to provide that today with the launch of RED C Direct.  Underpinned by our expertise in advertising testing and with a significant norm database, it really delivers key insights at speed into creative development that will help companies maximise impact,” adds, Richard Colwell, CEO of RED C Research.


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