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Out Look : The Latest OOH Trends & Developments

Colum Harmon, marketing director PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home.

Keep The Change

There is a definite theme of change running through many of the OOH campaigns that have hit the streets in cycle 11. The jobs market in Ireland is highly active now and post-pandemic many industries are seeing lots of movement. Recruitment website IrishJobs.ie have been active recently and in cycle 11 they are appearing on the Digital Gallery in Connolly Station, targeting working commuters in a key transport hub. The brand is also live on Transvision screens at major train stations in Dublin.

Few industries are experiencing change quite like the banking sector at present, as two major names prepare to leave the market. This presents challenge and opportunity for the remaining players, one of which is Bank of Ireland. The brand is on Metropoles and Digishelters in the current cycle, with brand ambassador Baz Ashmawy encouraging switchers to the bank.

Change at JUST EAT also, with Katy Perry taking over from Snoop Dogg as the face of the food delivery platform. The superstar singer features on classic and digital formats including 48 Sheets, Green Screen, Adshel Live and Digishelters. Susan O’Brien, vice president, global brand at Just Eat Takeaway. com, said: “Katy Perry brings unparalleled star power, and her playful nature matches ours to a tee. It’s the perfect partnership to continue building the instinctive connection between Just Eat and the joy of food delivery.”

Nothing stays the same on Disney+ or Spotify for long with a constant stream of new material appearing on the platforms. OOH is the perfect way to keep younger, mobile consumers up to date, along with the opportunity to drive immediate action via consumption on mobile phones. Disney+ this week launch the much-anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series, with the first episodes dropping today (May 27th). The Star Wars saga has always favoured OOH for promotion and this latest offering is no different, with the eponymous hero prominent on Bus Shelters, Golden Squares and Digital Bridges among other formats.

For Spotify, the emphasis is Harry Styles’ new album, Harry’s House. Fans or potential new recruits will be ideally positioned out and about to give the new tracks a listen following an encounter with DX Screens, Green Screen and Digipoles.

Perhaps the change we are looking forward to most is from spring to summer and an increase in temperatures (he writes hopefully!). Centra are quick to capture the mood with an obvious nod to BBQ season and the chance to meet up with family and friends again this summer. #celebratesummer. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

WATCH – April Market Overview

Below are the top five campaigns and categories, for April on OOH, based on display value at rate card. The figures are generated from our ongoing inspection of all OOH advertising panels in Ireland each cycle and carried out by our team of nationwide inspectors. April includes cycles 8 and 9.

The launch of Virgin Media’s new ‘More’ offering was the biggest campaign of the month. High impact, classic OOH formats were to the fore in the campaign, featuring on 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets, Golden Squares, Metropoles and a 240 Sheet. The large format aspect was complemented by T-Sides and various 6 Sheet formats.

In second place was JD Sports, with more of a travel/commuter focus to its campaign with T-Sides, Luas Columns, Bus Mega Squares and Bus Shelters featuring.

The top five campaigns were completed by Centra, AIB Business and Guinness 0.0.

Retail was the most active category for the cycle with Centra and JD Sports joined by other retailers including M&S. The media category came in second for the month with brands such as DAZN, who carried the Katie Taylor fight, and Disney+ prominent. Finance (incl. AIB, VHI), Beers & Ciders (incl. Carlsberg and Guinness 0.0) and Confectionery (incl. Magnum and Kit Kat) round out the top five.

Event based marketing in the real world is big part of what we do. No matter what the occasion or time, Dynamic Digital OOH can adapt to meet a brand’s needs. Our latest Out\Look Opportunities showcases the vibrancy of what is going on in the great outdoors over the next few months. From sporting to music events, OOH is the perfect medium to reach these large audiences at the right place and at the right time.

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