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Boys + Girls Shoots for the Stars With New ŠKODA Campaign

Boys + Girls has rolled out a new campaign for ŠKODA Ireland called Perseids.

The new campaign is part of the agency’s Effie-winning ‘Made for Ireland’ campaign.

According to Bridget Johnson, executive creative director at Boys + Girls: ‘Over the last number of years, ŠKODA have really pushed to showcase the wild, wonderful and varied landscapes of Ireland and how its cars are the perfect way to travel to and through them. In this latest film we centered on a singular moment of amazement in the Irish countryside – a father and daughter seeing the Perseids in full flight across the night sky. Ireland is increasingly seen as one of the best places to see these minor miracles – and sitting in the comfort of a ŠKODA under their stellar viewing roofs is just made for enjoying Irish skies and moments between dad’s and daughters as fleeting as the meteors themselves.”

The film was shot by the multi-award winning director Zak Emerson, with production company Butter, which captured both the magnitude of the natural wonder and the small meaningful moments of connection between father
and daughter.


Head of Marketing at ŠKODA:- Raymond Leddy
Marketing Manager at ŠKODA:- Ciara Breen
Digital Marketing Manager at ŠKODA:- Edmund Ramirez
Chief Strategy Officer: Margaret Gilsenan
Senior Producer: Keeva Bolger
Executive Creative Director: Bridget Johnson
Creative Director: Laurence O’ Byrne
Senior Account Director: Alan McQuaid
Account Manager: Sinead Higgins
Senior Account Exec: Rachel Smith
Chief Creative Officer: Rory Hamilton
Director: Zak Emerson
Executive Producer: Michael Duffy
Producer: Grainne Tiernan
Production Co-ordinator: Alan Keegan
DOP: Joe Cook
Casting Director: Sarah Hone at ACC
Editor: Scot Crane at Quarry
Colour: Gary Curran at Outer Limits
VFX: Andy Clarke at Outer Limits
Music: David Schweitzer
Sound: Mark Richards at Mutiny

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