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The Public House Highlights Vaccine Inequities in New UNICEF Campaign

The Public House was behind an ambient OOH campaign for UNICEF to help raise awareness of the inequities of the current global vaccine roll-out.

As Ireland’s booster vaccination roll out gets into full swing, UNICEF Ireland wanted to highlight the stark reality of low vaccination rates in low-income countries including Chad, Yemen and Syria.

Travelling around towns and cities across Ireland, the campaign message was specifically tailored to each location to maximise impact, comparing vaccination rates with low income countries.

The campaign also included social, VOD and influencer comms.

According to Natalie Hopkins, business director at The Public House: “After almost two years living with Covid-19 and 1 year on from the start of the vaccination campaign, we are exhausted and desensitised to news about the pandemic. Although we all know how necessary it is to ensure the entire world has fair access to vaccines, we hope that putting it in a familiar frame of reference will help to contextualise why this effort is so necessary.”

“This campaign helps Irish people understand the stark reality of low vaccination rates in other countries. It brings it close to home for people. We all know that no one is safe, until everyone is safe. UNICEF has delivered over 700 millions COVID-19 vaccines already this year, but many more are needed, and we’re hopeful this unique campaign will help us raise awareness, and critical donations for our global vaccination efforts,” says UNICEF Ireland media and communications manager, Danny Smits.

“We’ve started to take the fact that we can get a vaccine for granted when a large portion of the world hasn’t even really begun,” says Colin Hart, creative director, The Public House. “To help people in Ireland get their head around the scale at which the world is rolling out the vaccine programme we created this campaign targeted as closely as we could at home.”


Creative Director: Colin Hart
Copywriter: Paddy O’Mahoney
Art Director: Paul Kinsella
Strategy Director: Sarah Walsh
Producer: Aoife Fitzgerald
Account Manager: Tori Campbell
Business Director: Natalie Hopkins
Managing Director: Catrióna Campbell

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