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RED C Launches Rapid Service with 24 Hour Turnaround

The market research firm RED C has launched a new rapid research offering to clients called RED Rapid.

The new agile offering will allow clients receive answers to questions in just 24 hours and will target a sample of between 150-200 members of the public to provide feedback on a short list of questions and the final rese.

According to Richard Colwell, CEO of RED C,  the primary benefit of RED Rapid is to facilitate consumer insight in the business decision making process which is often compromised by the time lag between one and the other. The next-day solution helps solve this problem.

“It’s great to formally launch a product that further extends our range of agile research solutions.  The RED Rapid product has been developed on the back of a clear demand from clients, providing overnight understanding and feedback that has already provided valuable input for key RED C clients,” says Richard Colwell, CEO of Red C.

“Truely understanding human behaviour requires a range of techniques including robust measurement, in-depth probing and sometimes complex analysis. But agility is also an valuable part of that toolset.  In the past year we have seen how quickly things can change, and the ability to check consumer views quickly and cost-effectively is more important than ever.  RED Rapid’s overnight turnaround further compliments the agile toolset that we offer to clients to gain insights quickly and effectively,” he says.


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