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Purpose Disruptors Ireland Launches The Great Reset Fortnight

Purpose Disruptors Ireland is organising The Great Reset Fortnight, a series of events and workshops designed to empower communications professionals to accelerate the fight against the climate crisis. The first event kicks off on April 28th at 1pm with a free industry workshop on ‘Ecoffectiveness: The Missing Measure’.

The Great Reset Fortnight will give Irish advertisers, marketers, creatives and communications professionals the chance to learn more about the impact the communications and marketing industry can have in Ireland’s fight against climate change. These sessions will be the first of their kind in Ireland with the aim of reshaping the advertising and marketing communications industry to only promote attitudes, lifestyles, behaviours and brands aligned with a net zero world by 2030. A number of ‘Change The Brief’ workshops will be designed for individuals across multiple disciplines, designed to inspire new thinking on how to assert agency and have impact.

 The first event of the series, a virtual workshop, will feature international industry experts Caroline Davis, managing director and sustainability lead, ELVIS and Ben Essen, chief strategy officer, Iris who will share the Ecoffectiveness framework – a new methodology for analysing and the carbon impact of our work, and unlocking the creative strategies to do it.

“We developed the Ecoffectiveness framework as an invitation to help answer one question: if profitability and emissions have always grown hand in hand, how do we uncouple them? By taking on 21st century advertising’s most significant challenge, we hope the UK can live up to its reputation as world leaders in marketing effectiveness,” says Essen.

“Reducing emissions while maintaining profitability is a challenge that all of us in the industry must take responsibility for. It’s going to be hard, and difficult decisions definitely lie ahead, but we need to face into them and do it together in a way that is honest, consistent and open for all. This practical framework sets out how we can start to do that and helps agencies and clients to see how their success metrics can evolve accordingly,” adds Caroline Davis.

According to Jonathan Wise, Co-Founder of Purpose Disruptors and 2008 IPA Effectiveness Gold winner:“A primary goal of advertising is to sell and yet, as a strategist, I came to realise that the better I was at my job, the more damage I did. This is because a consequence of increasing sales, is the increase in carbon emissions this consumption generates. If we want to celebrate the sales growth we create, we have to take responsibility for the associated carbon uplift. That’s on us. This new initiative provides a simple way for the industry to step up and take our place in helping society and business to reduce our collective carbon footprint.”

The Great Reset Ireland team includes a wide number of people representing agencies and organisations including Thinkhouse, IAPI, B&A, McCann Dublin, Honey + Buzz, Folk Wunderman Thompson, Havas

To register to attend the first event click HERE


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