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Thinkhouse to host ‘Delay is the New Denial’ Event on Earth Day

With Earth Day 2021 taking place on April 22, Thinkhouse will host an online event to discuss the marketing communications industry’s role in sustainability.

Called “Delay is the New Denial” the event is aimed at anyone working in marketing and communications for brands and businesses and it will be hosted by Thinkhouse’s cross-functional PLANET team and powered by insights from The Youth Lab.

According to Claire Hyland, head of The Youth Lab: “David Attenborough said ‘Saving our planet is now a communications challenge.’ We know this – and we have witnessed how, since the launch of our PLANET services over 2 years ago, brands and businesses are increasingly aligned on the need to achieve a net zero world as soon as possible. To do this, our industry must step up to tackle the problems of communications that are misaligned with a net zero world and/or not working within the sustainable development goals.  This means thinking differently about the work we create and how we measure success.”

She adds that the event aims to accelerate the changes required and the potential for brands and communication within the broader climate and sustainability context. Some “need to knows’ around sustainability communications and language will be included as well as a view on the current brand landscape. Finally, the event aims to inspire and empower real action through the behaviours and actions of our industry.

Laura Costello, senior strategist, Purpose & Planet at Thinkhouse adds: “This event will serve as a temperature gauge of where we are now and where we’re heading. The picture is clear – there is a big gap between what businesses and brands are currently perceived to be doing in terms of acting on climate and what young people expect from them. With major initiatives such as The Great Reset by Purpose Disruptors and Thinkhouse’s own sell-out industry event in 2019 ‘World War Z, a Generation’s Battle to Fix the Climate Crisis,’ this event is part of our continued commitment to share the views of the next generation and accelerate an inspired and informed response.”

“More and more of our customers are part of the global race to net zero. As creatives and marketers we must arm our clients with the right insights, ideas and creativity to win the race – this is a race towards a better world, better marketing. We want to create a world where only good marketing exists and this is another event that furthers that mission,” says Dave Byrne, head of creative at Thinkhouse.

The event is free to attend and to sign up email earthday@thinkhousehq.com with ‘Earth Day Ticket’ in the subject line.


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