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Thinkhouse Uses Instagram for New AR/VR Game for Goodfella’s Pizza

THINKHOUSE as rolled out a new Instagram-focused game for the Birdseye-owned Goodfellas Pizza using a combination of augmented and virtual reality technology.

The Goodfella’s Pizza Game follows on from the brand’s most recent TVC, ‘The Godmother’ and challenges players to catch falling slices of pizza, with a  chance of winning one of hundreds of spot pizza prizes.

According to Sharon Whelan, Marketing Manager, Goodfellas Pizza at Birdseye Food: “We’ve always strived to be first to market with innovative social media moments that rewards our consumers with something fun and different. With the Goodfella’s Pizza Game, we acknowledged the boredom that our fans were experiencing during lockdown and created a challenge to compete with each other from the comfort of their living room”

Dave Byrne, head of creative, THINKHOUSE adds: “In Thinkhouse, technology and creativity have always gone hand in hand, and we have always strived to push the envelope when it comes to creative tech. As our experience of AR/VR grows within our in-house studio, so does our thinking. Brands who recognise that audiences are hungry for new online experiences that are less passive and more active will recruit a whole new consumer set, ready and willing to get lost in your brand world. Goodfella’s Pizza is now smack bang in the middle of thousands of smart phones across the country with this new game, ensuring a deeper understanding of the fun that comes with the brand.”


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