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Heaslip Joins iRadio’s Judging Panel for iGrant

Several hundred businesses have entered a competition that is being run by IRadio which has a prize fund of €30,000 in advertising and other support services.

iRadio has also announced that rugby legend Jamie Heaslip has joined the judging panel for the “iGrant” competition.

The overall winner will receive €20,000 worth of advertising services including radio advertising and social and digital supports. The runner-up will receive €10,000 in advertising.

Speaking about the iGrand competition, Heaslip says: “I think that it’s fantastic for a company to potentially have this.  When we get through this, and we will get through this, companies are going to need to advertise, they’re going to need these kind of services.”

Heaslip was recently appointed as head of marketing for the online lending platform Flender which has teamed up with iRadio.

“I think everyone has to try to play their role where they can. Flender are trying to do it through either the retail lending or through lending to SMEs. We’re combining with iRadio on this because this is what we can do to help. Everyone’s playing a role somehow and this is just another great way of trying to help out.”


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