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ORB Takes Part in European Digital First for DOOH

Geoff Fitzpatrick, founder and Managing Director of ORB

The Irish digital media company ORB took part in a European media first as part of a Hungarian music festival Sziget which saw DOOH and mobile DSP capabilities across three countries and seven cities come together for the first time.

The fully programmatic campaign utilised cross-channel integration with consumers being served rich-media video ads to their mobile devices within 60 metres of booked DOOH locations.

Sziget Festival, through Harvest Digital, partnered with Jaduda’s Splicky a leading DSP, Broadsign Reach’s SSP and Irish media owners ORB, to simultaneously plan and book the campaign programmatically across DOOH and mobile, all based on targeting key audiences in hand selected cities.

The campaign which has just concluded, ran across three target markets; Ireland, UK and France with the reach being based on unique criteria to target music loving audiences open to travelling abroad. Sziget were able to access the Irish DOOH market after Berlin based Splicky continued its growth adding ORB’s street-side network to their platform after they recently integrated with Broadsign’s programmatic SSP, with the aim to transform their national Digital Out of Home into a readily available SSP.

Geoff Fitzpatrick, founder and Managing Director of ORB, spoke about how this will transform the digital advertising space in Ireland.

“Being involved in a campaign like this is hugely exciting, ORB Digital Out of Home have evolved their network to make their estate available on traditional digital trading desks. What this means is clients can now extend their digital spend beyond online and mobile and include outdoor panels from a single source. This enables coordination between outdoor and mobile in a fully synchronised way. Merging mobile with DOOH in this way gives the brand both Reach and Impact simultaneously. These new synergies can really add value in ways that have the potential to reshape how media is bought, sold and consumed. ORB are proud to be the first media owner in Ireland to showcase these flavours from the future.”

Statement Harvest Digital/Sziget
Ákos Filep Remetei, Head of Sales, said; “This was the first time we ran DOOH. The opportunity, presented to us by Harvest, to deliver programmatically Digital OOH across the UK, Ireland and France was an opportunity we were keen to trial. With a fantastic line up to this year’s festival being able to display this message in key cities supported by mobile activity, remarketing users who were within 60 meters of a DOOH location, was a smart approach. Moving forward it is a channel we will be considering within our media mix”.

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