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Knorr Taps into DOOH to Promote Soup Range

Pictured L-R: Rory Sweeney, Senior Account Manager Mindshare; Tara Moran, Account Director Mindshare; Hilda Lyon, Head of Marketing Unilever Ireland Foods; Robert Lyons, Brand Manager – Foods Unilever Ireland Foods; Lee Roberts, Business Executive Clear Channel; Susan Murtagh, Account Director Kinetic.

Kinetic, Mindshare and Knorr, the Unlilever-owned soup brand have teamed up to launch a unique temperature controlled digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign around the country which will run until the end of March.

The campaign is broadcast across digital formats in shopping centres and forecourts and the ads display three varieties of Knorr Soups including the brand’s pouch, packet and quick soups. The dynamic campaign is run through Kinetic’s D:FOUR system using the RUSH+ delivery platform. The system, powered by DOOH.com, allows weather-triggered content to be displayed when certain temperature and time parameters are met. The creative element combines two messages promoting the products, each running on a 50/50 rotation.

“Soup is very important to Knorr which is why we have invested in this heavy weight, locally created campaign. We are supporting with DOOH, Digital Display, Social Media and instore with Shopper Marketing. The thermally activated element allows us to be contextually relevant for our consumers while the focused nature of the creative ensures we land the key message around Knorr’s superior flavour,” says Hilda Lyon, Head of Marketing Unilever Ireland Foods.

The campaign can be seen across a range of DOOH formats including Tesco Live, Urban Digital formats, shopping centres, forecourts and convenience stores. The creative alternates for separate morning (9am – 2pm) and evening (5pm – 6pm) display slots, targeting shoppers at the point of purchase during peak time. The DOOH ads are also displayed close to stores that index highly for soup consumers.

According to Rachel McCloskey, account manager at Kinetic: “The team at Kinetic are delighted to be working with Knorr alongside our partners Mindshare and DOOH.com. The weather triggered creative using our RUSH+ platform is a clear example of the in-house capabilities that Kinetic can offer brands with our D:FOUR system. The campaign reaches consumers in the right place, ensuring the Knorr message is displayed at relevant times.”

“Ireland’s changeable weather presented us with a tactical challenge for Knorr Soups in out of home – how can we be sure we’re picking the cycle that will be cold enough to connect consumer need and product? Answer – we can’t! The dynamic nature of the campaign means that we are only live when the product is most relevant our target audience. In turn we can be confident our budget is well invested,” addsTara Moran, account director, Mindshare.

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