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TheJournal.ie Delivers Boost for Lidl with Digital Inserts

Research carried out by Spark Market Research into Lidl Ireland’s recent partnership with Journal Media shows that it drove significant shifts in both awareness and buyer behaviour, according to the retailer.

The retailer saw its main shopper share with the audience jump over a four-month period as a result of the ongoing activity, which kicked off in 2018 and was planned by Mediaworks.

Highlights from the research carried out by Spark Market Research include 74% of readers saying that they have seen Lidl offers on TheJournal recently and 21% making a purchase as a result of doing so. In addition, 61% of readers of the Lidl Food Magazine on TheJournal.ie say that they are more likely to consider Lidl as a result. The research also noted that Lidl’s main shopper share amongst readers of TheJournal.ie rose from 15% to 20% in a four month spell, reaffirming the overall strength of the partnership.

The partnership saw Lidl reinvesting press budgets into a weekly Digital Insert, TheJournal.ie’s mobile solution to the traditional press insert, which showcases the retailers full range of offers every Thursday.

As well as the Digital Inserts, the partnership also saw the launch of a new weekly Food Magazine every Sunday which is targeted at working families and young professionals who lead busy, time pressured lives. The content is centered all around the everyday joy of food, and how to get the most out of the home food routine – whether that’s whipping up quick and tasty meals for one, doing the big shop to feed a family, or having friends over for dinner.

According to Robert Sheehan, Media Manager, Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland: “Lidl’s partnership with the The Journal has been very valuable in giving us a unique way to reach customers, which is highly beneficial in such a competitive sector. Through the Digital Inserts, it has given us a new and innovative outlet to communicate with customers about the range of food & non-food products that are showcased in our weekly leaflet. The food magazine allows us to inspire customers with recipes ideas for their full weekly shop and show the amazing types of meals that can be made from products that are all available in Lidl.”

Mark Delany, Director, Mediaworks adds“Moving beyond traditional ‘ads’ online is a critical challenge we must overcome to drive customer growth for our clients like Lidl. Seeing the power of a digital channel for driving shopper share among Journal readers was really important in our choice to develop a new type of long-term media partnership – one that is very in tune with today’s consumers’ behaviour.”

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