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Journal Media to Launch Investigative Journalism Platform


Journal Media is to launch a new investigative journalism platform after it was selected by the Google’s Digital News Innovation Fund to receive financial support.

The move will see Journal Media build a “vibrant platform to source, fund and deliver investigative journalism that matters to local or national communities.”

The platform will also give the general public an active role in unearthing stories that are important to their communities and, in the process, build their understanding of the value of journalism to society. It will also aim to raise Irish audiences’ regard for journalism by involving them in this process and will build a vibrant community of contributors and supporters that is fit for the digital era. It is envisaged that the platform will be launched in early 2019.

According to Adrian Acosta, CEO of Journal Media: “We are hugely excited about this project and firmly believe that through this platform we will identify investigative projects that communities want and are prepared to fund; building a business model that supports journalistic investigations and produces important stories across digital formats.”

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