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The Lowdown:

This week sees the launch of the Bus Éireann urban services campaign across Limerick, Cork, Galway, Athlone and Waterford to encourage modal shift across cities, towns and hinterlands.

With a new and modern brand template, we aspire to engage young urban adults and invite them to leave their cars at home and keep their lives in motion. Because Bus Éireann doesn’t just connect places, we connect people to whatever is important to them.

The new TV copy concept developed by our creative agency and was filmed in Limerick by local film, media and arts students using iPhones. This content, directed by respected videographer, Burschi Wojnar, reflects a collective perspective of the connectivity that occurs on-board Bus Éireann services every day.

In association with the National Transport Authority, the campaign will extend across 48-sheets, 6-sheets, double- and single-deck rears, city impacts, radio, press, and will also be supported by digital and social channels.

Re-framing bus travel in a way that the audience has not seen, underpinned with a strong value promise with Leap, we propose to present a strong, modern brand worthy of reappraisal.


Agency: Connelly Partners Dublin Boston
Client: Bus Éireann
Client Partner: Robert O’Mahony, Eimer Callan, Stephen Kent
Service: Urban Services
Creative Director: Anna-Ruth Watts
Copywriter: Steve Connelly
Planning Director: Margaret Greally
Account Manager: John Norwood

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