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DMG Media Ireland Launches New Content Solution for Advertisers


DMG Media Ireland has launched a new algorithmic content solution for advertisers called Trends.

As one of the world’s largest media organisations, each day DMG Media publishes over 2,000 articles, uploads over twenty thousand images and seeds in excess of 560 videos. The new tool will now provide brand partners exclusive ownership of trending cultural moments, conversations, breaking topics and personalities in real time across all DMG Media Ireland platforms.

According to Doug Farrell,  group head of digital at DMG Media Ireland: “We are delighted to bring Trends to the Irish market as we evolve our targeting to audience moments. We are now layering 1st party audience data with content moment targeting and dynamic messaging to deliver a truly relevant brand synergy. An example of this is our current coverage of Love Island which will see over 600 stories published and millions of articles consumed in Ireland by the end of the series. These articles are trend optimized with the relevant dynamic messaging delivered in real time. We are looking forward to partnering with Irish brands throughout the year on a range of up and coming content propositions.”