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    Leinster Rugby & Atomic Sport – #LiveALittle

    The Lowdown:

    Leinster Rugby had a spectacular season on the pitch, but in the background business continues as usual off the pitch planning for next season.

    The challenge even for the most successful club in Europe is that fans never been more detached from the real world. Which is a problem for Leinster Rugby because they need fans to come watch them play. We encouraged fans to leave the pub, get off the couch and #LiveALittle by experiencing everything that is part of being a Leinster Rugby season ticket holder, the bitter cold months, the uncertain glory and the potential reward that waits at the end.


    Agency – Atomic Sport
    Advertiser – Leinster Rugby
    Campaign – #LiveALittle
    Creative Director – Greg Mutton
    Design Director – Stephen Kiernan
    Art Director – Luzie Ardelean
    Copywriter – Eoin Tierney
    Account Director – Patrick Murphy
    Senior Account Manager – Trevor Cloak

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