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    To create awareness of the impact of plastic pollution on the Earth’s oceans. Dublin agency In The Company of Huskies created a fake water brand that aims to highlight that 10% of plastic drinking bottles end up in the sea globally. So we created X Water (inspired by the Roman numeral for 10) which contains 10% salt water in every bottle. The idea was that with each sip people would be forced to think where many plastic bottles ended up… In the sea. Huskies created a fake ad for X Water using the tagline “Sea How You Like It.” We also conducted taste tests on the streets of Dublin, let’s just say it didn’t go down too well! We pushed a video of the activity out on social.


    Agency: In the Company of Huskies
    Client: In the Company of Huskies
    Creative Director: Damian Hanley
    Art Director: Nick Kelly
    Copywriter: Greg McLoughlin
    Performance: Edgar Cuesta
    Director of Social: David Hayes
    Camera: Rory Nolan
    Analytics: Alexandra Maslaney

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