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Kinetic Ireland Launches New Digital Offering Called D:Four

Pictured at the launch of Kinetic’s D:FOUR are: (L:R) – Aoife Hudson, Deputy Managing Director; Rachel McCloskey, Account Manager and Simon Durham, CEO

Kinetic Ireland, the Out of Home (OOH) media agency has launched a new Digital Out of Home (DOOH) offering called D:FOUR.

The new dynamic system is powered by an in-house content management system that allows content, creative, moderation, preview and dynamic ad-serving from a centralised platform at its Dublin headquarters. The new division will be headed up by Rachel McCloskey, who has been with Kinetic since 2015.

Digital OOH currently accounts for 15% of total OOH spend but this is expected to grow to 19% in 2018.  The introduction of new digital formats from a number of media owners across 2018 and 2019 will help attract new advertisers and new ways of using the medium.

According to Kinetic, D:FOUR aims to improve how the market is currently using Digital Out of Home and to provide clients with more data-driven and dynamic campaigns.

“D:FOUR will provide endless scope for creativity as Kinetic innovates new ways to reach consumers by bringing various data sources together with brand insights in order to create and build reactive campaigns. The system will integrate seamlessly with media owner scheduling systems enabling innovative, dynamic campaigns,” says McCloskey.

“Our new D:FOUR system will have a positive influence on how our clients use Digital OOH to connect with consumers throughout the day. The system allows bespoke, contextually relevant messaging which in turn will enable us to further connect with audiences on a more personal level. Research has shown that the use of contextual, dynamic content can lead to an additional sales uplift by 8%,” she says.

According to Simon Durham, CEO of Kinetic: “D:FOUR will hugely benefit our clients and agencies and we look forward to demonstrating our new system at our seminar in May. The seminar will allow us to effectively demonstrate how our advanced system will assist our clients in creating contextually relevant advertising. Digital Out of Home now has more in common with digital online and we should be aligning these strategies to reach consumers effectively.”

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