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Adtower Prepares to Deliver Live Audience Data to Advertisers

The Dublin-based digital OOH company, Adtower Digital Media has announced that it will deliver live audience data to clients after each DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) cycle booked on its Dublin City Centre Network.  This means, as soon as a cycle is finished, Adtower will be able to provide advertisers with accurate “opportunity-to-see” data.

Adtower has 24 units across its Dublin City Centre network which includes locations such as Wicklow Street, Grafton Street, Westmoreland and O’ Connell Street.

The image processing software being deployed by Adtower is ADAM (Anonymous Data Analytics and Metrics), which is verified by Quividi.  It analyses a stream of images and computes a series of metrics, describing the presence and the activity of people appearing in those images.

Typically, ADAM monitors the audience in front of a screen.  A small data sensor captures the scene in front of the point of interest, providing real-time quantitative data on the live audience.

Significantly, while the data collected provides accurate demographic information, it protects the anonymity of individuals as the software does not use unique face recognition.  It undertakes face detection, which is a branch of the Anonymous Video Analytics class of application, therefore maintaining compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Commissioner.

The verification process by Quividi includes the implementation of a set of anonymous algorithms that detects faces and tracks them, while they remain in the field of view of the data sensor. It then extracts features from the faces to classify them into demographic groups.

According to Vincent Whelan, managing director of Adtower: “The ability to provide our customers with real-time live data is one of the most exciting developments to-date for Adtower Digital Media. What we are offering is real-time audience recognition and the ability to deliver OTS information after each broadcast cycle. While this development is focused in central Dublin initially, we will of course be rolling ADAM out across our entire estate.”

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