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    Listen to Your Lungs – DDFH&B

    The lowdown:

    “A cough is a warning from your lungs. If you have a cough for more that 3 weeks, get checked by your GP. “

    This “Listen to Your Lungs,” message is the central theme of our campaign for the Marie Keating Foundation. The concept conveys that a condition as serious as lung cancer could be hiding behind a seemingly innocent persistent cough.

    Throughout the campaign any mention of the word cancer is hidden by a cough. It’s a technique that is consistent throughout all media, and in a special-build outdoor piece, the message is particularly highlighted with both an audio instalment and clever typography used to deliver maximum impact.


    Agency: DDFH&B
    Client: Marie Keating Foundation – Liz Yeates, Edel McCabe
    Title: Listen to Your Lungs
    Creative Team: Dean Ryan/Adam McKiernan
    Account Manager: Sarah Conlan
    Planner: Derwin Myers
    Producer: Lily O Gorman


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