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    #FightToBreathe Cystic Fibrosis Ireland Cinema Ad

    The lowdown:

    When the winning script of the Cannes Young Lions Film competition was chosen, it was because of its simplicity and the impact it would have in cinemas. “Fight to Breathe” sees that script, written by Laura Cahill and Conor Hamill of Rothco come to life. The 60-second ad centres on the fight to breathe theme and invites cinema-goers to replicate the breathing pattern of Edelle Collins, who has cystic fibrosis in real life. In so doing, it graphically illustrates how life for Edelle is a constant battle as she has to fight for her every breath. The on-screen campaign is reinforced by an in-foyer activation where cinemagoers can use “Strawfies” to experience the daily fight for breath people with cystic fibrosis face. The campaign is the culmination of an exciting partnership between the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI), Wide Eye Media, Rothco and the Pull the Trigger production company, which sees the campaign produced and aired in 73 cinemas across Ireland for 6 weeks free of charge to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.


    Advertiser: Cystic Fibrosis Ireland
    Brand: Corporate
    Activity: Cinema Commercial
    Agency: Rothco
    Client Team: Fergal Smyth, Claire Ashall, Ronan Buckley, Edelle Collins, Patricia Duffy Barber, Nuala McCauley, Philip Watt
    Agency Executives: Susan Nelis, Alma Mannion
    Agency Planning:
    Creative Team: Conor Hamill & Laura Cahill
    Rothco Broadcast: Conor Hamill & Laura Cahill
    Production Company: Pull the Trigger
    Producer: Max Brady
    Director: Hubert Montag
    Music: Audio by Edelle, Cystic Fibrosis Community and Will Farrell, Screen Scene
    Post Production: Screen Scene.  Creative lead Hubert Montag, Post Production Producer Peter Greene, Telecine Donal O’Kane.

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