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Cannes Update: When Technology and Humanity Converge

On Day 3 of Cannes, Aisling Blake, MD of Radical discusses some top tech takeaways from the festival.

Technology has been referenced at every talk I’ve been to so far this week – health tech, virtual reality, neuroscience of memory transfer and NASA, cultivating open innovation and the power of the crowd.

Reaching the Point of Singularity

As marketers and agencies, it is clear that we now live in a world where technology is both a tool and part of who we are as human beings.

It all sounds very lofty, but the point where humanity and technology converge, the point of singularity, is ever closer. We must figure out how we use it to communicate better, engage deeper and impact positively on the world as this revolution happens.

The Power of VR

On Sunday, Rob Holzer from Matter Unlimited presented his case for using virtual reality. He said we are living through a paradigm shift, similar to when TV stole the limelight from radio. The evolution continues, allowing us to break out of the rectangular box. He believes that brands and organisations can use virtual reality technology to help people experience humanity.

VR can provide intimacy like no other medium, and has the power to transport and immerse, droppin people into experiences. This presents so much opportunity for brands, but the same principle remains – that we have to tell a good story no matter the format.

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