The Lowdown

What if you lost your phone? You probably can replace the device itself easily enough.

But what about the photos?

Most people  now use the cameras on their mobile phones to capture those precious family moments such as children’s birthday parties and the first day at school.. However recent figures show that over 7000 mobile phones are either lost or stolen each year in Ireland. While thousands more phones are damaged or broken. That is a lot of precious memories that are just disappearing into thin air. Never to be seen again.

The new Imagine app from Fujifilm is the easy way to print photos directly from your phone. Just download the app, select the photos you want to print and send them to your nearest Fujifilm outlet for printing. It’s a lot easier than trying to recreate the scene after you have lost your phone.

Our new campaign takes a humourous look at this exact scenario. One of the spots features a 30 something year old aunty who has lost her mobile phone and all the photos on it including the ones she took at her nephew’s birthday party. We find her as she is desperately trying to re-organise his party in order to take these photographs again.

The second spot features a young mother receiving a call from her husband who is going to extraordinary lengths to re-create the birth of their first child after losing his phone.

The campaign goes live this month.


Agency: Bloom
Advertiser: Fujifilm Ireland
Product: Imagine app Client: Jackie Farrell and Liz Roberts
Agency Producer: David Murphy
Creative Director: Michael Walsh
Copywriter: Gerry Kennedy
Account Director: Sinead Boyle
Managing Partner: David Quinn


Production House: Digital Post
Director: Colm Maguire
Cast: Amy DeBrun


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