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Insight of the Week: The Home Improvers

Spring time awakens the home improvement enthusiast in many of us. With work on the home often a high-cost activity, these people are a very attractive group to all sorts of businesses and marketers who sell services and products in this space.

Latest data from Kantar Media’s Republic of Ireland TGI study of consumer behaviour reveals that 10% of adults in the Republic of Ireland (357,000 people) anticipate undertaking major home improvements in the next 12 months. This compares to 6% of adults in Great Britain and 7% in Northern Ireland.

This group are 51% more likely than the average adult in the Republic of Ireland to have lived in their present home for 5-9 years – perhaps why they feel it is time a for a refreshing of the décor. Finding the money for improvements may in many cases not be too problematic as these home improvers are 71% more likely to have a family income of €75,000 or more.

They are also 47% more likely to be in the ‘Playschool Parents’ (live with son/daughter and youngest child aged 0-4) TGI Lifestage group and 33% more likely to be ‘Independent Individuals’ (aged 15-34, not married or living as a couple and do not live with relations). Having children is of course a major life change and often necessitates adaptations in the home to suit the new arrival.

The inclinations of this group towards home improvements come through explicitly in their attitudes. TGI data reveals that they are 40% more likely to agree that they are always looking for new ideas to improve their home and 37% more likely to agree they change the decorations at home as often as they can.

They are also keen spenders generally, which affords further opportunities to promote related goods and services to this audience. They are 32% more likely to agree ‘I love to buy new gadgets and appliances’, 31% more likely to agree ‘With a credit card I can buy the sort of things I couldn’t normally afford’ and 34% more likely to agree ‘I spend a lot of money on toiletries and cosmetics for personal use’.

In terms of reaching these home improvement enthusiasts with the most efficient media mix, TGI data reveals they are 34% more likely than the average adult to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of magazines. They are also 36% more likely to say they often notice the advertisements on taxis, 35% more likely to tend to buy products from companies who sponsor TV programmes and 32% more likely to agree ‘I read the financial pages of my newspaper’.

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