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Insight of the Week: The Quality Crusaders

The vast bulk of the advertising we see on grocery shopping is focused on the driving down of prices. However, a segmentation of shopper types on Kantar Media’s TGI study of consumer behaviour in the Republic of Ireland reveals a variety of large consumer groups driven in their grocery spend by factors very different to price. By specifically targeting these groups, retailers and the media industry alike can steal a march on rivals who may be overly focussing on prices.

One such group are the ‘Quality Crusaders’, who account for 13% (almost 500,000 people) of the entire adult population. This is a group predominantly driven in their grocery shopping by superior quality and happy to pay a premium for it. They are likely to be in their later years – TGI data shows they are 39% more likely to be aged 65 or over than the average adult. They also tend towards the upmarket, being 24% more likely to be in the top (AB) social grades and 80% more likely to have a family income of €75,000+.

Quality Crusaders like everything in their life to be just right and if that means spending money then so be it. They are 25% more likely to agree that it is worth paying extra for quality goods and 44% more likely to admit that they have expensive tastes. When it comes to food and drink, they are 44% more likely to believe it is worth paying extra for good quality wine and 24% more likely to make sure they always eat their ‘five a day’.

In terms of the media they are most likely to consume, TGI data reveals that Quality Crusaders are 40% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of magazines and 49% more likely to be amongst the heaviest top fifth of consumers of radio. They are 56% more likely to enjoy reading about clothes and fashion in magazines than the average adult and 49% more likely to like reading about new product reviews. For radio, they are especially keen on listening to opera and classical music: 39% more likely than the average adult.

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