On Wednesday 22nd of February, Method and Madness, a new whiskey brand from Irish Distillers Limited (IDL) was successfully launched in Dublin’s Project Arts Centre. Dublin ad agency The Public House worked closely with IDL to conceive and launch the brand, a project that was nearly a year in the making. The launch introduced the first four releases from Method and Madness, an umbrella brand that will unveil experimental and imaginative whiskeys created by the Masters and Apprentices of Midleton.

The Public House have become quite familiar with the world of whiskey (having worked on other IDL brands such as Jameson, Redbreast and Green Spot), but creating a brand from scratch was a new experience. The challenge began with naming the brand, and extended to working with design duo M&E on bottle and label design, while also creating a suite of print, video and social media assets for the rollout.

The name Method and Madness, inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, parallels the whiskey-making process itself — part structure, part intuition. The identity for the whiskey was inspired by those who make it, the Masters and Apprentices at the Midleton Distillery in Cork. For them Method and Madness has been a labour of love, working in the newly created Micro-Distillery in Midleton has provided them with an opportunity to throw caution to the wind. The results taste fantastic, and include a Single Grain finished in Spanish Virgin Oak casks; a Single Malt enhanced with French Limousin Oak casks; a Single Pot Still finished in French Chestnut; and a Single Grain 31 Year Old Single Cask Limited Edition.

The key visual that we created showcases the unique bottle design and delivers a simple message: great things can be created when “knowledge and discovery collide”.

About The Public House

The Public House are an independent ad agency based in Dublin, Ireland. Clients include Jameson, Redbreast, Green Spot, Paddy Power, Ryanair, JustEat.ie, Goodfella’s Pizza, Realex Payments, and Sowan’s.  For any questions or photos, please contact colin@publichouse.ie


Creative Directors: Jarrod Banadyga, Colin Hart
Copywriter: Evan Kane
Art Director: Danny Cullen
Designers: M&E Design
Agency Execs: Hannah Mullen, Issy Cole
Production Company: Super 68
Director: Brian Williams
Sound Design & Music: Gareth Averill
Dop: Joseph Ingersoll
Editor: David Blake
Client: Irish Distillers
Client Execs: Jayne Murphy, Sinéad Gilbert

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