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    Client: The Irish Heart Foundation
    Agency: Wondr
    Planner: Sébastien Sicot
    Creative Director: Oisín Hurst
    Copywriter: Roger McGrath
    Art Director: Diego Tardioli
    Art Worker: Robson Felicia
    Producer: Alex Kenny
    Producer: Shannon McCormack
    Production Companies: Street Monkey / Courtyard Studios
    Production Coordinator: Suzanne Morrow
    Animation & Compositing: Ian Lawrence
    Director: Robert James
    DOP: Ray Carlin
    Camera Assistant: Liam McCabe
    Art Director: Sean Johnstone
    Cast: Sophia McDonnell (agent / CMPR)
    Cast: Amy Flood
    VO: Barry McGovern
    Sound Engineer: Steven Maher
    Director: John Gleeson

    The Lowdown:

    The Irish Heart Foundation seeks 30,000 petition signatures to regulate digital marketing to children.

    The Irish Heart Foundation have launched a digital campaign ‘STOP TARGETING KIDS’ to stop junk food and drink brands from targeting children. In Ireland, junk food and drink brands knowingly target kids online, at home and in schools. This targeting is partly responsible for child obesity and illness. The Irish Heart Foundation has launched a petition campaign with the ultimate goals of:

    1. Regulating online and TV marketing to kids
    2. Removing vending machines from schools
    3. Setting up a Children’s Future Health Fund

    The ‘STOP TARGETING KIDS’ campaign is seeking to sign up 30,000 supporters to back its call for Government intervention to protect children’s health. This petition is the latest step in the charity’s fight to protect children from obesity following their research published last summer ‘Who’s Feeding the Kids Online’.

    The new campaign is based around the use of fake sweet, crisps and cola brands to expose the unscrupulous tactics used by junk food and drinks brands. The campaign also also highlights the level of influence and the inappropriate proximity their brands have to young people, mostly without the knowledge of parents.

    This campaign was planned, created and executed by WONDR.

    Check out the website:


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