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    Invite A Fairy into your home – TV and Online Campaign

     With fairies all over the world the Irish Fairy Door Company launched their TV and Online ad campaigns.

    We wanted to show the magic of our products, particularly our Fairy Doors and Interactive Worry Plaque.

    The decision was made to go with a TV campaign that also complimented online consumers shopping behaviour and their need to get the latest news and information at all times through out the day.

    The 3 tv ads are all 30 seconds long, and are in fact filmed to be part of a story.

    The opening chapter is when the 2 girls get their fairy doors. This is all about what happens when you get a fairy door, the excitement of waiting for your fairy to move in, the joy of when you see the key is gone and that you can share notes with your fairy.

    The 2nd ad is all about the Worry Plaque. The worry plaque takes away worries that children may have and uses that bad energy into good by making a wish come true for another child else where in the world.

    The final advert shows a mix of the products featured and other items we stock. A super scene is when Lucy twirls in her fairy dress, this was actually shot as spare footage but it looked so magical in 4k and on the playback we had to go with it.

    We got 15 second versions of the ads made too and focused on the online shopper with these. At a low engagement rate of 3c to 8c during the peak season which is Christmas so we were thrilled with this return. Any worry we had about our first ever tv campaign went away very quickly!

    Sales are consistent and we even sold out of the worry plaque, but thankfully we have a great team who got it back in stock really quickly!


    Advertiser: The Irish Fairy Door Company
    Marketing Manager: David O’Gorman
    Creative Director: Chris Reading & Parag Sankhe
    Account Director: Dave Blissett
    Production Company: Square Elephant Productions/ London
    Director: Chris Reading
    Executive Producer: Parag Sankhe
    Assistant Producer: Dave Blissett
    DOP: James Butler
    Post Production: Square Elephant Productions
    Grade: Arthur Graham-Maw
    Sound: Gav Davis
    Editor: Parag Sankhe

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