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AAI Toolkit Seminar to Focus on Change & Adaption in a Zero Growth World

Neil Douglas, Director, Behaviour & Attitudes

Neil Douglas of market research firm B&A and Joe Ballantyne of The Futures Company are the two key speakers at the forthcoming AAI Toolkit breakfast seminar which takes place on Tuesday Nov 22nd.

In his “8 for 8” presentation, Douglas will share eight significant themes that have been growing in importance and have implications for how we understand ourselves, the type of communications that resonate and the products and services we consume.

A director and shareholder in B&A since 2000, Douglas has been listening to consumers in the UK and Ireland for over 25 years, trying to make sense of their motivations and advising brands on marketing and communications.  As a qualitative specialist he regularly facilitates workshops to help turn research insight into practical actions.

Meanwhile “Defying Gravity: How to grow a business in a slow growth world” is the topic chosen by Joe Ballantyne, Head of Strategic Foresight, The Futures Company.

According to Ballantyne, slower growth is the new norm for the global economy, and it has business leaders worried. The fear is “a world of zeroes,” the phrase used by Nigel Wilson, Global CEO of insurance giant Legal and General, to describe a world of zero inflation, zero GDP growth per capita, and zero productivity growth. In short, a global economy in which progress is zeroed out.

Defying gravity in order to grow despite the slowing tug of the marketplace is an undertaking unfamiliar to a generation of business leaders weaned on hardy growth. The critical imperative of future success will be creating demand, not the classic textbook lesson, fruitful for so long, of following trends.

The event will take place in the offices of Core Media and will start at 8.15am and conclude at 10am.

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