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Ho Ho Ho, Irish Times/IMJ #BreakfastBytes Seminar to Focus on Christmas

imj-bb-picWith Christmas almost upon us, the final Irish Times/IMJ #BreakfastBytes seminar of 2016 will have a festive flavour to it with a panel of marketing and retail experts discussing key Christmas trends. The event will take place on Thursday November 3rd in the offices of the Irish Times.

The theme for the next #BreakfastBytes seminar is ‘Christmas Traditions: Can you Sell Experience Online?’ and the panel will eexplore the challenges facing retailers and brands in bridging the gap between the traditional experiential Christmas and the trend to move online for purchasing. While we all love Christmas, the anticipation, the lights going on in town and the warm emotive festive feeling, increasing numbers of us are turning online for our shopping choices, favouring convenience over custom. We want the old fashioned feel of Christmas but we make our purchases in cyberspace.

Among the speakers will be, Suzanne Quinn, Head of Customer Marketing at Tesco and Claire Hyland, Director of Insights, The Youth Lab, Thinkhouse. Further speakers will be announced over the coming weeks.

The #BreakfastBytes series encourages audience engagement and participation in the featured topics as much as possible, with the content and outcome of the discussion to be featured in the following months IMJ issue.

The format comprises of a five-minute presentation from each of the speakers followed by a lively Q&A session.

The event kicks off at 7.30am with a complimentary breakfast and the presentations will begin at 7.50am, winding up at 9am.

As places are limited, booking is essential. To book a place please contact Lou Conlon at lconlon@irishtimes.com

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