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Bloom Goes Strikes Gold With Pippa O’Connor

Bloom Advertising has created a new TV and print campaign for Connacht Gold Half-fat Butter featuring its brand ambassador Pippa O’Connor.

“We wanted to communicate that as well as being half-fat, Connacht Gold is also real creamy butter,” said Karen McGarty, communications and brand manager at Aurivo Consumer Foods.

Research identified that there is a misconception among consumers in relation to how real butter is packaged and presented. “Consumers expect real butter to be wrapped in foil, whereas Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter comes in a tub, and consumers, by and large, associate a tub with spreads” explained Abigail Gaskin, account director at Bloom.

This opened the door creatively and led to the thought There are some things you don’t expect to find in a tub,’ she says.

“Another creative team within Bloom was working with the concept ‘You really can have it all – Half the fat and real creamy butter’. It seemed intuitive to merge both ideas to become a really big brand thought, and Pippa O’Connor who is the Connacht Gold brand ambassador was the natural choice to front the campaign.”

According to Damian Penco of Bloom Advertising: “the advert is the perfect merger of two distinctive advertising thoughts and feels spot on for the brand. It is a campaign we are really proud of”.

The 30-second TV commercial, which was shot by fashion photographer Barry McCall, and produced by Pull the Trigger has just gone on air. Print and online executions will support the TV.