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IAB Digital Upfronts 2016: What YouTube Can Do for Your Brand


ruth mcentee
Ruth McEntee, Head of Sales of Google Ireland

The inaugural IAB Digital Upfronts will be held on October 4th in the Convention Centre in Dublin and many of Ireland’s leading online publishers will be showcasing and presenting their digital advertising innovations to brand advertisers and agencies.

As part of the build-up to this unique event, Adworld.ie caught up with Ruth McEntee, Head of Sales of Google Ireland to discuss YouTube, one of the presenting partners, and what it has to offer advertisers and agencies.

What is You Tube?

YouTube is Ireland’s Number. 1 video destination. Interestingly, You Tube operates globally but has higher reach in Ireland than anywhere else outside of the U.S and is now the world’s second largest Search Engine.

How does the platform work?

YouTube gives the reach of the internet, with the impact of TV, delivering results. Launched in May 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos, providing a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

What makes YouTube unique?

As a platform, You Tube is built on choice—whether it’s on-demand content or skippable ads.  In either case, the viewer chooses.  The second reason people consume video on YouTube is because it’s engaging. Consuming content is no longer a passive experience.  It’s become an active, participatory adventure — where fans connect with creators, where they comment and share, where they build passionate communities — around content they love. They make fan videos and covers of Pharrell’s Happy, they watch and embed ads on their social feeds. That’s the power of engagement. And all this choice and engagement gives marketers a better way to reach consumers. Because when viewers choose what they watch, and when they’re engaged, they pay closer attention to ads.

What are the key digital advertising product offerings from YouTube?

  • We are mobile: 80% of our delivery across campaigns, is now across mobile.
  • Reach: We have one of the largest audiences in Ireland, with the highest watch time in the market.
  • YouTube wins against TV on Key markets. In fact, if made to choose just one, 62% of 16-34s would choose YouTube over RTE 1, RTE2, TV3 and UTV Ireland. (YouGov Survey, August 2016)
  • Even when they are watching TV, they are also engaging with YouTube.
    We are Ireland’s second screen (GMS Ireland Report, Q1 2016)

Explain more about You Tube acting like a search engine?

Since we are the world’s second largest search engine, we now allow advertisers to target what people are searching for on YouTube. With our latest innovation called TrueView Discovery, we allow advertisers to serve ads based on what people are searching for on YouTube.  There are also endless ways to be innovative in terms of how you actually use this in your marketing. For example, you could own Christmas music on YouTube by targeting all of the related Christmas music terms. The possibilities are endless.

How do you measure campaign success on You Tube?

We offer free Brand Lift surveys on the back of our YouTube campaigns. A brand lift survey runs across your audience on YouTube and consists of a set of questions based on ad recall, awareness and consideration. Our brand lift surveys allow you to measure the increase in ad recall, brand awareness, consideration directly attributable to your YouTube campaign in real time.

We recently ran a Brand Lift survey for Cadbury’s in Ireland and the uplift was astounding. The survey showed an 84.5% lift in ad recall and 38.9% rise in awareness for its Cadbury’s Smashables product.  Colin O’Toole, Senior Brand Manager of Cadbury’s commented:

“Using Brand Lift Surveys, we are able to measure uplift in Brand Awareness, Ad Recall or Product Consideration on the back of running video advertising on YouTube. It really gave the brand great insight and proved the value of TrueView (skippable) ads for Mondelez. The YouTube Brand Lift Survey is a one question survey which can be run during YouTube TrueView campaigns to give us a real-time understanding of the impact our ad is having on brand awareness and ad recall, getting results after just a few days. Thanks to Brand Lift surveys, we are able to optimise targeting or adjust creative to make campaigns do an even better job.”

To find out more about at Youtube.ie and more about You Tube Advertising Offerings here. The IAB Ireland Digital Upfronts 2016 will be held at the CCD in Dublin on Tuesday, October 4th 2016.

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