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    The Sound of Sixteen – Boys and Girls

    The Lowdown:

    Ireland’s first radio broadcast was transmitted at 5:30pm, April 25th, Easter Tuesday, 1916 – a Morse code message that seized control of the airwaves and proclaimed an Irish Republic. One hundred years later Dublin ad agency Boys and Girls, in conjunction with RTE Radio and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI), marked this historical event by taking over the airwaves again.

    ‘The Sound of Sixteen’ aired simultaneously across every major radio station in Ireland at 5:30pm, April 25th, 2016  – exactly one hundred years after the original broadcast.

    “A Morse code message is a powerful auditory experience, brilliantly conveyed by the medium. Our agency philosophy of “Daring Simplicity” lends itself well to the creative execution of the start of Irish radio as embellishment is needed on this tale of courage and ingenuity”; said Rory Hamilton, Creative Director and partner at Boys and Girls.

    To find out more visit www.thesoundofsixteen.ie


    Creative Director: Rory Hamilton
    Art Director: Laurence O’Byrne
    Copywriter: Eoin Conlon
    Designer: Shane O’Riordan
    Digital Lead: Shane Casey
    Developer: Leandro Costa
    Account Manager: David Carter
    Sound Design: Gareth Avril
    Voice Over: Ian Lloyd Anderson
    Retoucher: Alexis Goodwin/Happy Finish


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