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Media Companies Back NOVA’s Radiothon for Focus Ireland with €350k Coverage

novaMedia providers from multiple media platforms have joined forces with Radio NOVA to help promote its Help Our Homeless Radiothon, which will run next week on February 17th & 18th. The radio station aims to raise €40,000 via a two-day, on-air pledge drive in aid of Focus Ireland, aimed at fighting homeless in the Greater Dublin area. It is the second year the charity radiothon has taken place but the first year the radio station has reached out to the wider media community for support.

Media providers from the worlds of print, digital, television, outdoor and cinema have come forward to provide cross-platform marketing for the station’s Radiothon to produce a campaign valuing approximately €350,000, which is rolling out over the last few days. The campaign sees industry heavyweights PML Group, Wide Eyed Media, DMG Ireland, Setanta Sport TV, Electric Media and I-Believe take part, amongst others, and sees NOVA’s Radiothon receive extensive coverage, to a value in excess of €350,000  on cinema screens, 6 Sheets, Cine Ds, outdoor 48 sheets, on-street 6′ sheets, D Pods, Tranvisions, Supervalue Screens, In Bar Screens & Orb Screens, City Boxes and multiple print and digital titles such as Entertainment.ie, Breakingingnews.ie and more.

Actor Cillian Murphy is the main brand ambassador for the initiative but the station is receiving the support of numerous other celebrites and well-known individuals.

NOVA aims to raise €40,000 for Focus Ireland from its listeners, which will help provide emergency accommodation and hot meals for homeless people and families in the Greater Dublin area over the coming months.

NOVA’s Kevin Branigan say, “We’re blown away by the support we’ve received from the wider industry for our Homeless Radiothon. Our goal this year is raise the most amount of money possible for Focus Ireland. We’re receiving substantial cross-media coverage and it’s all been provided to us as a gesture of goodwill from the various media providers and publishers. They wish to help fight homelessness too and they’re providing this support to us so that we can raise the awareness of the Radiothon”.

One of the supporters of the initiative, Jimmy Cashen, CEO of PML Group, says he is delighted to support it.

“I am delighted to support Focus Ireland and the Radio Nova Radiothon to raise awareness of the serious issue of homelessness in our community. We are committed to supporting the tremendous work being done by Focus Ireland who are providing vital prevention services which help change people’s lives,” he says.

For more information on the Radio Nova Radiothon and to make a contribution visit http://www.homelessradiothon.ie/



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