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Irish Times Launches Executive Recruitment Platform

With the economy in growth mode and many firms hiring again, the Irish Times has launched a new online recruitment platform aimed the executive end of the market.

According to the publisher, The Irish Times Executive Jobs (http://execjobs.irishtimes.com) is the first recruitment platform in Ireland exclusively dedicated to the advertisement of high performance, senior management roles for top calibre candidates.

“The website is a single destination for senior roles, without the clutter of mainstream jobs boards. The site is easy and quick to navigate. Candidates have a ‘without commitment’ freedom to look at what is available in the market. It is of particular interest to The Irish Times overseas audience, who may be thinking of a move back to Ireland. The website is built on a state-of-the-art online recruitment platform providing a constantly innovating software solution for clients and candidates.”

According to Vivien McKechnie, commercial sales director of The Irish Times, the paper has  427,000 readers each day, across print and digital, a 10% increase in the last year. 78% of the audience is ABC1. “Readers of The Irish Times are senior executives and specialists who are established and successful in their careers. They are unlikely to be actively seeking a new role. However, they like to remain informed about opportunities in their particular area of expertise. They like to have a look at what is happening in the market in a confidential way, without giving their details or interacting with recruiters, unless they choose to do so for a specific role.”

“We are delighted with the hugely positive reaction to Irish Times Executive Jobs. The project is a key strategic priority for The Irish Times and a major investment for 2015/2016. Recruiting senior executives and specialists is a major challenge for many businesses and The Irish Times is uniquely positioned to deliver a solution to employers by keeping candidates informed of opportunities,”  she adds.

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