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    Boom & Whoopsie – Cawley Nea\TBWA


    Titles: Boom & Whoopsie
    Advertiser: Bank of Ireland
    Brand: Mortgages Products: 2% Cashback and Fixed Mortgages
    Client Executives: Nessa O’Reilly, Nicola Brady
    Agency: Cawley Nea\TBWA
    Agency Executives: Linda O’Connell, Paula Kelly
    Agency Creative: Adam Crane, Niall McDonnell, Martin Cowman
    Agency Producer: Paul Ellis
    Production Company: Speers
    Film Director: Tom Merillion
    Post Production: Windmill Lane Studios
    Sound: Number 4

    The Lowdown:

    Creative agency Cawley Nea \ TBWA have developed a new mortgages campaign for Bank of Ireland. We return to the familiar faces of Rachel and Steve who were established in our last mortgages campaign, where Rachel was moving in with the housemates. In this ad, those guys have moved on leaving Rachel and Steve with the run of the house. Their relationship has deepened, so much so that they’re now totally on the same wavelength – so ‘as one’ that they finish each others sentences and are almost the same person. True to their overexcited puppy nature they take every opportunity to welcome their new neighbour and ingraciate themselves to him. Bank of Ireland also has a warm welcome for its mortgage customers with their current offers. The mortgages market in Ireland is an increasingly competitive space and they have come to market with two compelling offers – 2% Cashback on your mortgage and low fixed rates. These are played out through 40′ and 20′ ads which top and tail ad breaks.

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