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Moy Park ‘Rule the Roost’ Roadshow – AV Browne


The Lowdown

Remember Fun House, Bullseye or Finders Keepers? Well, this Spring Moy Park are turning the clock back and are  set to bring the goodness into homes across Ireland with their own Saturday night, light entertainment show, livening up teatimes with their Rule the Roost Roadshow. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country, pitting family members against each other to see who will be crowned Ruler of the Roost. Expect fun, excitement and the unexpected. Who will come out on top, only ‘Moy P’ knows the score.

Join our families as they battle ‘Pot Cluck’, ‘Dip Your Nuggets’, ‘Poultry in Motion’ and many more, under the watchful eye of team captains and hosts Mairead Ronan and Hector O’hEochagain. Moy P will be on hand to keep track of the scores in the world’s first, egg-cracking, face-dunking, nugget dipping pop-up gameshow.

Catch up on our first episode with The Gallaghers from Macroom, Co. Cork now at facebook.com/MoyParkChicken and stay tuned over the next 6 weeks  as we visit more families to see who will be crowned ‘Ruler of the Roost’.


Agency: AV Browne
Advertiser: Moy Park
Title: “Rule the Roost Roadshow’
Creative Team: Matt Pinder, Ciara McLaughlin, Ellen Van de Vusse, Sinead McNulty
Account Team: Mike Dunne, Calem Greenan
Production Company, post production and sound: Afro-Mic Productions
Director/Producer: Emma-Rosa Dias
Client: Aisling Graham, Interim Brand Marketing Manager, Moy Park