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Branded content: the good, the bad and the damn ugly truth

Good branded content is worth its weight in gold. Bad branded content can seriously damage your brand, writes Andrew Murray. There’s good branded content out there on some online publishing sites. For example, you have to admire what AIB have done in partnership with Maximum Media in recent times, around GAA, and the Club Championship in particular. They’ve elevated the...

Cracking the Youth Market

Connecting with the youth market has never been more challenging. McCannBlue Strategic Director Susan Kelly tells IMJ how her creative communications company’s research has provided a unique insight into how young people want to engage with brands. Cracking the youth market can be tough. Get it right and your brand can succeed but if you get it wrong, prepare yourself...

Who’s Influencing Who?

Influencer marketing can 
be an effective tool in a brand’s marketing armoury if aligned with the right influencers. But when it’s left to chancers, forget about it, writes Graham Stewart. The other week, I got a follow from an influencer. Wow. A real life influencer.
I know he’s an influencer, because he told me he was. It was right there in...

Finding Truth Amongst Fake News

In a world where fake news is high on the agenda, never before has it been more important for brands to tell the truth and be part of it, writes Amy Sergison. The social world as we know it is changing, rapidly. Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with people, news organisations and brands from different...

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