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Branded content: the good, the bad and the damn ugly truth

Good branded content is worth its weight in gold. Bad branded content can seriously damage your brand, writes Andrew Murray. There’s good branded content out there on some online publishing sites. For example, you have to admire what AIB have done in partnership with Maximum Media in recent times, around GAA, and the Club Championship in particular. They’ve elevated the...

We’re Being Framed

Whether we like it or not, video is here to stay and TV, contrary to popular opinion, is far from dead, writes Graham Stewart.  Everyone is pretty much on the same page that the foreseeable future of shareable content lies in video. Of course it does. A quick glance at what most people are looking at on their phones on...

Getting Cut Through with the Scrollers

How can a brand get its message across to consumers if they spend the day constantly scrolling on their phones asks Andrew Murray? Studies have shown that the general public are scrolling for between eight and nine feet per day. This figure is even higher for Gen Z. And that’s just on mobile. We have also heard that the fabled “millennials”...

Avoiding Branded Boredom

Brands need to break the cycle of boring branded content with active, superhuman storytelling, writes Susan Kelly We live in the age of marketing where some of the skill sets that were once the preserve of professionals working in the industry are now accessible to just about anyone with a smartphone and a social media account. We all filter, edit and...

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