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Agents in the Field – Boys and Girls


New Campaign from Boys and Girls Says “Clever Humans Save and Save Again with Energia”

Leading brand Energia takes understanding how consumers make clever cost saving energy choices to a whole other level in its latest advertising campaign.

Themed around the central idea of “Clever people choose Energia”, award winning agency, Boys and Girls (www.boysandgirls.ie) created the new work. Promoting Energia’s “Ireland’s cheapest dual fuel bundle” and energy efficiency upgrade product offerings, the campaign – titled “Agents in the Field” – will appear as 10, 20 and 40 second TV commercials and will air from Sunday, September 10 onwards supported by radio and OOH activity. Energia’s overall spend in the September 2017 to March  2018 period will top €1.75 million.

Rory Hamilton, partner and executive creative director at Boys and Girls said: “In “Agents in the Field”, we’re introduced to two intrepid characters who have taken the form of guinea pigs to go undercover. GP Special Agents Deirdre and Martin observe a typical household from the vantage point of a secret lair within their sitting room hutch.

Speculation about the visit of an Energia representative to discuss energy efficiency with home owners reaches fever pitch when, channelling the best action heroes, we see Deirdre (hilariously voiced by Irish actress Fiona Shaw), going rogue and ziplining across the head of the unsuspecting humans while her erstwhile colleague Martin has the unfortunate experience of being chased by the family pet whiles he’s rolling across the floor in what appears to be a large guinea pig plastic ball.  Ultimately, it’s revealed that the clever humans are availing of Energia’s energy efficiency upgrade products.”

The TV commercials were directed by Jim Gilchrist of H2 films with post production by John Kennedy and Johnny Han out of Windmill Lane. In addition, Boys and Girls have been working with Energia since 2010 on both its home and business offerings.

Geoff Codd, Head of Marketing, Energia, said: “Last year we launched our new ‘Clever’ platform by showing some very sophisticated guinea pig scientists running research on humans, proving time and time again that the clever humans choose Energia.  “Agents in the Field” extends that message in an engaging way and reflects our unbeatable home energy offers. Energia consistently offers Ireland’s cheapest dual fuel bundle. Cost savings are a major part of the appeal of our products whether that’s our market leading home energy discounts or the range of energy efficient products available under the Energia Cosy Homes Scheme. So, it’s really not a big leap to say that clever people really should choose Energia.”


Client: Energia
Campaign: Agents in the Field

Energia clients:

Managing Director: Gary Ryan
Head of Marketing: Geoff Codd
Marketing Managers: Yvonne Boyle and Amy O’Shaughnessy
Digital Marketing Manager: Ross O’Mullane
Digital Marketing Exec: Yvona Ostruskova


Executive Creative Director: Rory Hamilton
Senior Art Director: Bairbre McGlade
Senior Copywriter: Rachel Carey
Head of Production: Derek Doyle
Agency Producer: Sarah Chadwick
Senior Strategic Planner: Chloe Murphy
Business Director: Sarah Sherry
Senior Account Manager: David Carter
Account Executive: Kelly Berkeley
Director: Jim Gilchrist, H2
Producer: Jack Armstrong


John Kennedy, Windmill Lane
Matt Branton, Windmill Lane
Johnny Han

Sound: Mutiny
Fiona Shaw
Bryan Quinn
Risteard Cooper

Photographer: Liam Murphy
Retouching: Happy Finish