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Brennans ‘Keep It Fresh’ – DDFH&B


The Lowdown:

Brennans is a much loved, iconic Irish brand. They are all about freshness – delivering freshly baked bread every day is at the heart of what they do and have done for generations, consistently delivering on the brand promise of Today’s Bread Today. But with the ever-growing choice in the bread category and new cohorts of bread-eaters emerging, how do we ensure that Brennans’ sliced pan offering stays top of mind (and heart!) for consumers? We needed to find a way to re-define and re-present freshness in a way that connects emotionally with the audience in a relevant and contemporary way.

Until now, Today’s Bread Today has captured freshness in a physical sense and will continue to do so, but we identified an opportunity to move it forward into a more emotive space. We know that life can get a little stale from time to time, as we get caught up with the 9 to 5 or go about our daily routines. So, this campaign aims to inspire with little moments of unexpected freshness! Nothing too dramatic, just small, quirky or fun things that could help break the norm and add a bit of freshness to your day. These ‘Keep it Fresh’ suggestions are brought to life through multiple unique illustrations created by Chris Judge and displayed through-the-line from TV, radio, outdoor to digital display and social. Keep an eye out for Brennans’ ‘keep it fresh’ suggestions – from taking the rest of the day off, to rearranging your furniture or high-fiving a passer-by, and feel free to invent some of your own!


Agency: DDFH&B
Advertiser: Brennans
Client: Ivan Hammond
Agency Producer: Rosaleen Cullen
Creative Director: Gavin O’Sullivan
Art Director: Leo Bartoli
Business Director: Michael Craig
Account Director: Ciara McAlinden
Account Manager: Simon Killeen
Strategic Planner: Rachel Haslam
Head of Production: Derek Lawlor

Production House: Piranha Bar
Illustrator: Chris Judge
Music: John Walsh-Symphonic
Media Company: Mindshare